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INSTRUCTOR BIO ..... who is Lynds Pickett?

LYNDS PICKETT began private musical studies at age 6. She won over 20 scholarships and awards through secondary school years, making her debut with the Santa Barbara Symphony at age 15. She received a Bachelors degree in Music in 1981, pursuing graduate studies in music thereafter. She received certification in the Suzuki Method in 1994. She is an active member of Colorado State Music Teachers Association and MTNA.

Teaching Experience:

Lynds has been pursuing her passion for teaching stringed instruments for 35 years:

  • Private instruction 1981- present: All levels of cello plus beginning/intermediate violin and viola. Primarily traditional instruction with Suzuki method as requested. All ages taught, including students with ADHD and acute hearing loss.
  • Public Schools: Over 7 yr. in Public Schools, Charter Schools and Home School programs
  • Emphasis on student fitness to combat fatigue, stress and string related injury
  • Performance anxiety and ability to focus under pressure addressed
  • Student Achievements:
    • National Disney Scholarship : conducting(first place) in the top 20 overall
    • Over 30 yr. of students receiving superior ratings at numerous ASTA solo festivals and National Federation of Music Clubs.
    • Over 120 superior ratings in Cello, viola, and violin and numerous, over 10 Gold Cups awarded
    • Top placement in school orchestra seating

  • Group Instruction: Includes adjudication of numerous solo and ensemble string festivals, masterclasses, bi-yearly recitals, coaching string sectionals and clinics, performance classes focusing on special needs typical to each group of students (Ex., focusing techniques to maximize and streamline progress, managing performance anxiety, bow control, playing with heart & passion, etc.)

Professional Performing:

  • Professional Freelance Performer: 1976- present: orchestral, chamber & solo.
  • Venues: recording studio, informal and formal gatherings, concerts, services of all kinds.
  • Style: classical, folk, popular, rock and jazz.

Hobbies: Yoga, meditation, hiking, camping, winter sports, scuba diving, fire dancing and firewalking.


Lynds Comments: "Other teachers and students have observed that my teaching style facilitates the student not only thoroughly learning the technical aspects of their instrument, including note reading and musical theory, but they learn to play with passion, with their heart and entire being. The tool of music is one of the most dynamic available not only advance and deepen one's personal life, but with the right teacher, it has the power to benefit one's life on all levels."

Phone: 303-506-1772     Email: Lynds Pickett