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TESTIMONIALS ......what students, parents and colleagues say

You have been a teacher, a leader, and a friend.....Thank you for all you 
have done for the community as a whole.  I always felt that  you had a 
sincere love of people.  All people.

You are well-loved and will be well-missed. You are truly one in a million,
and all your students know this. We definitely need to schedule a 
performance class when you are in town next.

                                                   -- P.M. adult student, Salt Lake City

"I want to thank you for all of your help with Karlee.  You are so patient
with her and I love the way you teach her.  You always use analogies that
she can relate to.  I love to see her eyes light up when you are teaching 
her. I am so glad that we found you and look forward to continuing to
work with you...."

                                                                   -- J.C., Broomfield, CO

"The focus stuff is the best part of your lessons with him.  It allows him
to take it to the next level.  The thing that sold me right away was your
calmness and ability to get him to eliminate distraction and focus.   
As his parent, observing learning techniques to help him focus was just 
as important as the music.

When Kevin is practicing - getting him in the focus calms him to where he
starts making progress....Calm experienced teachers like you work best
with him.   In fact, your demeanor very much reminds me of his 5th grade
teacher.  That was our most successful year in school yet....it's been 
a joy to take him to the lessons and watch. I'm as much a student as
he is."

                                                                          -- B.W. Arvada, CO

"You are an excellent teacher; one of the best I've ever had the privilege
to be instructed by."
                                                    -- B.N. adult student, Thornton, CO

"Wanted to pass along the good news.  Alek has been accepted into the
Denver School of the Arts.  Thank you for everything you did to help
her prepare."

                                                              -- T.A.,  Commerce City, CO

"I would like to recommend Annastacia's private cello instructor,  
Ms. Lynds Pickett to mentor some of your students.  She has done a
fabulous job working with Anna."

-- memo written by parent above, 
                     to child's orchestra teacher @ Denver School of the Arts

Thank you for all the help you've given me....the confidence helps
...... and for sticking through my trials in cello.  I'm so grateful
for the work, especially since this last federation was difficult both
physically and emotionally.
                                                  --L.S., advanced High School Student

Things are moving at a remarkable pace.  I am very busy.  I am extremely 
grateful to you.... YOU were the push I needed to get the creative ball 
rolling  in my life again. I am unblocking those areas of the creative
force. I've started to compose new songs.  I am working really hard to 
foster, care and expand these new found talents.  I am more patient with
myself and understanding others.....I am a new person.

                                               --E.K. Professional Musician and Teacher

Lynds Pickett is an amazingly gifted, intuitive person, with a clear,
crisp vision and knowingness.  She knows how to listen with her heart
and support you in your highest good.  To be a good  coach requires
years of experience.... she has showed me how to swim in the beautiful,
deep, rich sea of self awareness, self love and living in my dream."


I am grateful for our friendship and professional association.....  
You are a remarkable soul and supreme facilitator whom I respect deeply.

                                                                                --B.B., colleague

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