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SELECTING THE RIGHT INSTRUMENT .....taking the guesswork out of the process

Unless the student already has access to an instrument which is appropriate for his/her needs, first-time procurement for some can be overwhelming! Most beginning students, whether adults or children, prefer to rent an instrument for at least a few months before taking the step to purchase one.

Whether renting or buying, the right fit and excellent craftsmanship are necessary for ease of playing the instrument as well as a hearing a pleasing sound. I am willing to meet students at the rental location to assist in determining the appropriate fit and instrument. Many fine vendors exist in the Denver Metro area!


I prefer students not purchase an instrument from an online ordering company or Ebay. While some have gotten "great deals" at such places, there are many more disappointing stories of inferior instruments:

  1. Ebay: some may arrive needing repairs costing far more than the purchase price of the instrument. Sometimes these are conveniently hidden from the buyer!
  2. Mail Order companies: Although warehouse prices may be less than one would see in the retail store, most warehouse mail-order instruments have been previously picked over by retail store buyers or individuals who visit the warehouses and see the instruments for themselves. What is left over is what is mailed out through online and catalogue purchase!

When a student calls to arrange for private lessons, a time can be scheduled to select an instrument at a location which will be determined.

I support ALL intermediate and advanced students to play on an instrument appropriate for their goals and abilities. I offer assistance in the upgrading of their instrument as well. The advice regarding Ebay and mail-order companies is true for them as well!!!!!!

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