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LEARNING OPTIONS .......so many reasons to start today!

1. A youth beginning or continuing their study of a stringed instrument.

2. An elementary, middle or high school student opting for individual coaching with orchestra music.

3. An adult beginner who desires to give themselves the gift of embarking on the study of a stringed instrument. (BTW, most adults say "Ive always wanted to learn this and I'm finally doing it!")

4. An advanced student or teacher who desires to play "outside the box", with more expression.

5. An accomplished player or teacher who desires coaching to:

  • improve communication and rapport with students and/or other professionals
  • manage stress and performance anxiety
  • mentally prepare for and achieve the next level of success in their profession.

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Lynds fees are competitive with teachers and coaches in the Denver Metro area possessing her education and experience. NOTE: All PayPal Payments include 5% PayPal Fee.

Lesson length Cash/Check Fee Suitable for:
30 minutes $28 beginner
45 minutes $42 intermediate
60 minutes $56 advanced
Lesson length Fee Suitable for: Buy One Lesson: Buy Four Lessons:
30 minutes $29.40 beginner
45 minutes $44.10 intermediate
60 minutes $58.80 advanced

Lessons/coaching are typically scheduled once a week. Please ask for additional options if you live out of town or have a heavy traveling schedule.

Phone: 303-506-1772     Email: Lynds Pickett